The sea of hope (Libro)

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Karim and Abdul are two eighteen-year-olds like many others, or at least they deserve to be. Despite having the same dreams and passions as other teenagers, they do not have the right to feel like architects of their own destinies. Their days are purely sweat and sacrifice, after school they work until late in the evening and then get up before dawn to help their families in the fields. Lockgox, their hometown in north-west Africa, seems like one huge trap, a place that sucks you into a vicious cycle of poverty and a lack of expectations. The only solution to try for a better future is to escape, but the journey comes at a cost, and the money required they do not have. Due to a series of favourable circumstances, they manage to scrape together the funds needed to embark on that perilous journey. The dangers and obstacles they must overcome will stay with them forever but will also unite them in a bond that seems unbreakable. However, they will learn that nothing is indestructible. The Sea of Hope, beyond being a tale of two migrants, aims to tell a story of compassion, of two kids whose only fault is the fact that they were born in the wrong place. A book of hope, of rebirth, but, above all, a story of friendship. Suffering, expectation and love fleetingly alternate, resulting in sentiments of violence and affection. A rollercoaster of emotions makes for an enthralling read. Pages of brutality are followed by more affectionate passages, bringing the reader along to live through a series of engaging and exciting adventures. Questa opera letteraria è in vendita su Amazon in versione ebook e in carta al prezzo di 12€ per 138 pagine. Per leggere l’anteprima e acquistarlo, clicca sul carrello Amazon. Chi volesse la copia in carta, lo può comprare anche qui inviando una richiesta a e lo riceverà direttamente a casa.

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the sea of hope