Borderline Blameless sinners, with interventions by Dr. Sottocorno, psychotherapist (English Edition) (Paperbook)

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Laura suffers from “Borderline Personality Disorder.” She is forced to take antidepressants and, over the years, has had to undergo lengthy hospitalizations at specialized clinics.
In this diary she explains, talking about herself, what life is like for a woman considered “crazy.” Tales dense with suffering, but episodes also linked to hope. A careful and scrupulous examination, sometimes cynical, sometimes ironic. Can one recover from this kind of illness or is one saved by exhaustion?
Testimonies full of emotions, falls and rises. A girl ostracized by society as if she had to atone for a sin, but her only sin is to struggle to get out of a situation that enslaves her to drugs and psychotherapy. A book to support those who ask for help. A work where sentiment goes hand in hand with interesting and numerous medical information. With the hope that it may be of help to those who suffer from this pathology, and oftentimes are not understood, helped, supported.
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